My practice centers on how to work with emotions more directly, integrating the mind and body through the process of increasing insight and awareness. Through this work there arises opportunities to overcome emotional challenges, live more fully in the present, and make more conscious and intentional choices about the direction of your future.

I work with adults, adolescents, and children dealing with: Anxiety, Trauma; Relationship issues; Parenting concerns and family changes including separation/co-parenting; Depression; Life, school, and work transitions/stress; Support for caregivers of loved ones with mental health concerns; Grief, Pregnancy loss; Somatic symptoms.

As a social worker oriented in dynamic psychotherapy, it is my goal to honor each client’s unique experience in the world, while supportively working together to understand and alter both the internal and external factors that are holding up desired change, healing, and growth.

My approach involves deep listening, strength-based, relational dynamic therapy, and some CBT and DBT. I also offer practical strategies for navigating mental health symptoms, strong emotions, parenting concerns, and periods of change. I’m currently completing my Supervision toward Clinical Licensure.