Give Your Self Permission 

This 6-week online group course is designed to increase your capacity for emotional self-regulation by helping you to develop embodied self-care practices and skills. These skills are grounded in somatic, self-compassion and cognitive based techniques that are proven to be helpful in reducing the frequency and intensity of your judgmental and self-loathing thoughts, and overwhelming physical sensations.

Throughout the course you will learn to slow down and quiet your inner critic through specific somatic practices,  while also learning to interact with your ‘parts’ in kinder, gentler and more nurturing ways. Each week you will be invited to connect w/ yourself through grounding, meditation, touch, frequency/sound and movement, while noticing, acknowledging and allowing for safe energetic and emotional release.

Registration opens: May 8th, 2024

Group begins: June 2, 2024

When: Sundays, 11am-12:30pm CT 

Max Participants: 10

Cost: $278 (one payment); $143 (two payments); $98 (three payments)

For more information about this online group that begins June 2nd, 2024, please contact Iam Jophiel at

Cosmically supported by Chiron in Aries (through April 2027) the human collective is being motivated toward increased inspiration and greater: self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-love & authentic self-expression. Chiron in Aries is also challenging us to: acknowledge and accept our inner wounds; trust the (r)evolutionary process of shadow work; and unapologetically embrace our need for embodied self-care.

Awakening Through Self-Compassion 

This 8-week online group for Mindfulness Self-Compassion explores the teachings and practices of Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Christopher Germer to offer guided, practical steps on becoming more loving, confident and less self- judgmental for greater resilience, healing and lasting transformation. Click here for detailed description.

Registration opens: May 12th, 2024

Group begins: June 12th, 2024

When: Wednesdays, 5:30-8pm CT 

Max Participants: 8

Cost: $368 (one payment); $188 (two payments); $125 (three payments)

For more information about this group that begins June 12th, 2024, please contact Iam at