***Not Accepting New Clients at This Time – Contact for Waitlist Availability*** 

Do you live in a world of sadness that feels like it will swallow up everything else in your life? Perhaps you are grieving the loss of a loved one, a situation, or how you thought life would be. Or maybe you feel a push-pull between punishing yourself out of guilt, and letting yourself heal so you can move forward. Many of my clients begin therapy feeling trapped in the past, whether that involves a childhood trauma or a decision they regret. I can help you understand what you’ve been through and how it’s impacted you. By embracing your story, the good and the bad, you can feel a sense of peace you may not be able to imagine.

I work with many people who are intelligent, bright, and creative, but feel emotionally stuck. Inside they worry about their relationships, future, finances, career, and more. They may suffer with anxiety, depression, or even panic. On the outside, they often appear strong. While they “keep it together” for others, they suffer in an internal world of pain.

If this sounds like you, there’s hope. You can restore your sense of self. You’ve suffered enough. There’s nothing about you that needs to be fixed, because you’ve always been perfect as you are. When you’re ready to see how life can really be, I’m ready to help.

I offer a sliding scale of $100-$80 per session. I’m currently under supervision toward clinical licensure and do not accept insurance at this time.

I can be reached at 314-800-0311 x2 or christian.blcc@gmail.com to schedule a free consultation.  I only accept clients in MO.