Afshan believes that everyone has the capacity to work through their problems and live their best life! However, left unchecked, everyday internal and external stressors can cause overwhelming psychological, physiological and spiritual issues that may affect one’s ability to effectively process life and make healthy decisions. Working together through counseling/therapy, Afshan can help you identify the source of negative thought patterns, uncover roots of trauma and negative experiences, and work through your process toward healing.

Afshan is passionate about helping early and middle-aged women who are struggling with life changing transitions, painful break-ups, divorces, relationships, career, low self-esteem, co-dependency and a host of other challenges that can disrupt personal well-being and confidence. She helps women who are ready to seek guidance and invest in self-discovery and recovery, choose actionable behaviors to experience their full potential and reduce stress. She also enjoys providing a safe space for individuals, couples and families to determine patterns in their lives and relationships which are keeping them “stuck”. She then assist them to establish healthier, more productive patterns.

Afshan builds a therapeutic relationship by providing a nonjudgmental and safe environment for you to have series of breakthroughs, realizations, and self-discovery moments that can lead to healing and positive changes in behavior. She is known for her intuitive, personable, unconventional, no-nonsense, directive, compassionate, educational and solution-oriented approach.  Afshan incorporates Cognitive, Dialectical and Solution Focused therapeutic approaches to help you with anxiety, depression, addiction, self-esteem, co-dependency, break-ups, separation and divorce, dysfunctional family dynamics, work/career, stress management, or just life skill coaching. Her eclectic style allows her to determine the most appropriate technique to fits your unique needs.

Afshan has over 10 years of experience providing therapy, education and case management services to individuals, couples and families in both in-patient and out-patient capacities.  She is trained in cognitive behavior therapy and family systems and also experienced in educating individuals and families about addiction, and how to cope with loved ones who are struggling with addiction. Afshan is currently in process of attaining her international coaching certification from iPEC, and relational credentials from Gottman Institute.