Do you ever feel overwhelmed by daily stressors? Is it hard to leave the house or socialize due to anxiety? Are you depressed or unhappy with where your life is at? Do you struggle with internal thoughts and judgments? Are you feeling exhausted, lost or unsure where to even begin? I provide counseling, psycho-education and support to adults, adolescents and children to help you thrive.

I offer a peaceful and welcoming space for you to speak freely as you expand your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. I like to incorporate mindfulness techniques, art, music and movement with cognitive and behavioral therapies to assist you in developing positive and helpful coping skills. My goal is for you to learn skills and techniques that you can take home and practice independently to aid in managing distressing symptoms within your daily life. We will work together to create an individualized approach to wellness based on your interests and personal goals.

I am happy to provide a 15 min phone consultation in order to help you determine your needs and whether I can support you in reaching your specific goals.